9 Awesome Burpee Variations to Mix Up Your Training

9 burpee variations to try

There’s no question that I love burpees.

After all, I include them in almost all of the workouts, have a monthly 100 burpee challenge, and talk about them pretty often. Oh, and they show up a lot in the app as well.

Why are burpees so awesome? For SO many reasons:

  • They work your entire body in one efficient, awesome move
  • They burn a lot of calories in a short time
  • They’re functional and will make you a better athlete

I could go on, but you get the idea. If you’re curious, here’s more about why burpees are so awesome.

Although regular, standard burpees will always get the job done, it’s natural to want to mix up your training which is why including different variations of burpees in your workouts can keep things interesting.

Here are 9 of my current favorite burpee variations:

(Regular) Burpees

These are the classic form of burpee and the one that I do the most because they’re just so dang efficient. I also love the fact that I don’t need any equipment (or even any space) to do them.

You can do regular burpees with or without a push up—it’s your call. Whether you choose to add a push up or not, make sure to get some air at the top!

Burpee Box Jumps

Box jumps are awesome. Burpees are awesome. Combining them must be even more awesome, right?

(The correct answer is yes!)

To do a burpee box jump, get in front of a box, do a burpee, then rather than jump straight up into a clap, jump up and do a box jump. Jump down from the box and immediately do another burpee.

Burpee Tuck Jumps

If you think regular burpees are tiring, just try burpee tuck jumps—you’ll be gasping for breath in no time. I’ve been really enjoying this burpee variation lately since they combine two of my favorite plyometric moves.

To do a burpee tuck jump, do a full burpee, but instead of the clap jump on the way up, do a tuck jump instead, keeping your knees close together and tight toward your chest.

Burpee Pull Ups

Hands down, burpee pull ups are one of my very favorite burpee varieties of all time. Honestly, you could do only burpee pull ups as an exercise and be in pretty awesome shape — they work that many muscles and get you that tired.

Keep in mind that the higher your pull up bar, the more difficult these will be.

To do them, get in front of a pull up bar and do a regular burpee. Instead of clapping on the way up, jump up and do a pull up, then drop back down into a burpee.

Burpee Knee Raises

Work your core and get your heart rate up with this awesome combo burpee variation using parallel bars or a dip bar.

Get in front of a dip bar or set of parallel bars, drop down and do a burpee and instead of the jump up, grab the bars and do a knee raise instead. Focus on keeping your knees tight and close to your chest, then immediately drop down into another burpee.

Burpee Lateral Jumps

Lateral burpees remind me of being in high school sports—they involve a lot of jumping, help to improve your coordination and will definitely tire you out.

To do them, begin standing up, then drop down and do a burpee and instead of the jump up, jump as far to you can to one side. Immediately do another burpee then jump back to the starting position.

One Legged Burpees

One legged burpees are a test of balance, strength and coordination, so don’t be too discouraged if you fall all over the place the first time you try these. They’re not easy!

To do them, stand up straight then jump back to a push up position while doing your best to touch the floor with only one foot while keeping the other foot up in the air. Do a push up, then while still on one leg, jump up and do a little clap. Immediately drop back down and do another one. Make sure to work both legs.

Weighted Burpees

Weighted burpees are extra fun because they require a lot more shoulder strength than regular burpees do. You’ll be surprised how quickly this burpee variation will tire you out!

Feel free to get creative with these — you can use a sandbag, medicine ball, dumbbells, or even a heavy backpack.

Start by standing up straight while holding the weight at your waist. Lower the weight to the ground in front of you and kick your feet back into a push up position. Do a push up over the weight, then return your feet back to the squat position as fast as possible. Immediately stand up and raise the weight above your head into a shoulder press position.

Burpee Long Jumps

This is another great combo exercise that will really get your heart rate up. You’ll need a bit of space to do these, so doing them outside or in a gymnasium is ideal.

Drop down and do a burpee, than instead of jumping straight up, jump forward as far as you can. Immediately do another burpee.

Train hard!

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