We’ve reached the first full week of the December Accountability Challenge! Here are the workouts for Week 1.

We’re stoked to see so many people saying Yes! to this challenge in our Facebook group! If you too want to crush the end of 2017 and start the next year fit and strong, make sure to join us for this challenge.

You can read more about it here, but here’s a recap: Your goal is to complete at least 20 workouts during the month of December. We provide you with workouts for each week, however you don’t have to do exactly these workouts. They’re just here to help you out and save you a bit brain power during this already busy month.

There’s always the 12 Minute Athlete App and free workouts page if you need more workout ideas!

No Excuses Accountability Challenge: Week 1 Workouts


Workout type: 12 Minute (18x:10x:30)

1. High knees w/ jump rope
2. Squat thrusts
3. Cross-cross hands w/ jump rope
4. Jump lunge burpees
5. Push up in/outs
6. Medicine ball twists


Workout type: Sports-specific training, yoga, fun activites, etc. Up to you!


Workout type: 12 Minute (18x:10x:30)

1. 180* squat jumps
2. Seven push up walks
3. Jump lunges
4. Candlestick jump ups
5. High knees
6. Mountain climber crosses


Workout type: Sports-specific training, yoga, fun activites, etc. Your call!


Workout Type: Challenge workout

Complete 3 rounds as fast as possible:

20 squat jumps
20 handstand shoulder taps
50 double unders
20 jump lunges
100 high knees w jump rope
10 dips
10 p-bar scissors
20 plank hip dips

Happy training!