72 Awesome Resources to Get You in Fighting Shape


I’ve told you guys how much I love boxing, right?

You’ve probably at least noticed there are more and more boxing and kickboxing-focused workouts here on the site, because not only is punching and kicking something really freaking hard a great way to burn off some stress, it also:

  • Burns a ton of calories and blasts fat
  • Will help you create a strong, athletic build
  • Is super fun!
  • Makes you look like a total badass

And that’s why I’m super excited to tell you about a project I’ve been working on for a while now: The Combat Bundle, a bunch of super awesome resources all meant to get you in fighting shape in the most fun, efficient way possible.

So what is it?

The Combat Bundle is a collection of resources from 70 experts (yep, including 12 Minute Athlete) from all over the online fitness world. The resources cover everything from how to get fit like a fighter, to nutrition, to self defense for men and women, to mobility & flexibility, to strength and conditioning for those of you actually do combat sports, and more.

The newest 12 Minute Athlete ebook, “Fight-Ready HIIT Workouts: Boxing & Kickboxing Workouts to Burn Fat, Improve Conditioning, and Get in Fighting Shape in as Little Time as Possible” is included in the bundle, along with 71 other really awesome resources for fighters or anyone looking to get combat-ready or just add some variety to your workouts.

And the whole thing is only $39, which is a pretty good deal considering it would cost you $1,774 if you bought all the books and programs separately.

Learn more about the Combat Bundle and how you can get in fighting shape here.

What you’ll get with the Combat Bundle

The Combat Bundle really is an awesome collection of workout, nutrition, strength, power, martial arts, and other fighter resources.

There are tons of awesome programs including:


  • 23 “Fit Like A Fighter” Fitness Programs (Including Fight-Ready HIIT Workouts by 12 Minute Athlete!)
  • 16 Strength & Conditioning Programs
  • 8 Combat Skills & Martial Arts Programs
  • 4 Nutrition Programs
  • 6 Flexibility, Mobility & Rehab Programs
  • 5 Self Defense Skills Programs
  • 5 Women’s Only Programs
  • 4 Trainers Programs
  • 24 Discount Codes to Really Cool Products

Pretty cool, right? I think so.

If you haven’t noticed by now, I really like to learn new things and continuously challenge myself, and I’m pretty stoked to dive into programs that will teach me how to hit harder (awesome!), improve my explosive training, pick up some Jiu Jitsu skills, among others!

So who is the Combat Bundle for?

The Combat Bundle isn’t for everyone—if you’re happy with your current training regimen, like just doing the workouts in the app, or just have no interest in boxing, kickboxing, MMA, etc. whatsoever, you can probably be pretty assured that it isn’t for you.

However, if you’ve always wanted to:

  • Learn new boxing or MMA skills (or improve upon what you already know)
  • Get a super strong, lean, fighting physique
  • Learn more about nutrition to help boost your athletic performance
  • Add some variety and fun to your training
  • Gain self defense skills, how to improve your grip, how to work out with a heavy bag, build a foundation in Jiu Jitsu, etc.

It’s definitely worth checking out.

Plus, you’ll get the super cool new 12 Minute Athlete ebook, full of really awesome boxing and kickboxing workouts, printable workout logs, and more!

Learn more about how to get fit like a fighter.

Oh and it’s worth mentioning that the Combat Bundle will only be available for one week so you have until Monday, November 10th to decide if it’s something you want to include in your training.

Train hard, and have fun!

PS. In case I don’t tell you often enough, thank you guys for being so awesome. Whether you never buy anything from the site or if you choose to support 12 Minute Athlete through the Combat Bundle or any of our other programs, thank you, you absolutely rock!

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  1. Hi Krista,

    I actually already have your app downloaded but just came across your site by accident. You are so inspiring! Since being a mom, all I can find time for it HIIT but it’s so effective. I really need to get into some kick boxing and boxing workouts. This sounds like a great way to get into it 😀


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