My Favorite Holiday Health & Fitness Gifts Under $100


If you’re one of those people who gets all of their Christmas shopping done the weekend after Thanksgiving, good for you. You can skip this post and get right on with your workout.

But if you’re more like me and get halfway through December before freaking out and realizing you have approximately one zillion gifts to buy, this list of my favorite health and fitness-related gifts may just give you the inspiration you need to get started.

Each item on this list is something I think every health and fitness lover should own at some point in their fitness journey. And not only do I personally own the items on this list, I use them all on a daily (or at least a weekly) basis and highly recommend each and every one of them.

Here are 12 of my favorite health & fitness gifts under $100:

1. Rogue gymnastic wood rings – $60

If you know someone who wants to build superhero-like strength but doesn’t want to use a lot of equipment, get them a pair of basic gymnastics rings.

Not only do rings cost less than the more well known TRX, they’re simple and incredibly effective for bodyweight exercises like pull ups, dips, leg raises, and much more.

I got these Rogue rings as a birthday present this year, and absolutely love them. The smooth wood doesn’t cut up your hands, and the straps are really easy to adjust.

If you (or whoever you gift them to) haven’t used rings before, learn how to get started using rings here.

2. PushXpro – $24.95

For anyone struggling with wrist problems, or if you just like to be able to get a little deeper with your push ups, the PushXpro makes an awesome gift.

Different from just your standard push up bars, the PushXpro also adds an element of instability to really strengthen your upper body and make push ups even more challenging.

As a bonus, you can also use the PushXpro with other exercises to make them extra fun—think ab roll outs, front and side planks, pike rolls on a swiss ball, and more! Get creative and have fun.

3. Jump rope – $9.95

Jump ropes are an incredibly portable conditioning tool that everyone should own.

Really guys, they’re totally portable, cost all of $10, and are pretty much the best stocking stuffer ever. You could even give multiples of different colors (hint: family, here’s a gift idea if you guys still need one…)!

I like these speed ones because they make practicing double unders much more doable.

4. Pull up bar – $35.99 – $99.95


I know, I know, I talk about pull ups a lot. But that’s just because they’re so dang awesome!

Having a pull up bar in your own home can really excel your pull up progress, because it allows you to practice your pull ups any time of the day as opposed to just when you’re at a gym or an outdoor fitness park.

Doorway pull up bars ($35.99) are great because they’re super easy and you can take them down if you need to, but ceiling pull up bars ($99.95) are also awesome if you have the space and don’t mind putting them up in your garage or on a high ceiling beam.

And if you (or whoever you give a pull up bar to) still needs a little help to master pull ups once and for all, make sure to check out the 12 Minute Athlete pull up program and ebook.

5. Pull up bands – $5.95 – $35.95


Another pull up-themed item, resistance bands are an awesome build up strength whether you’re still working on getting your very first pull up or your tenth.

To choose the right band, remember that the smaller the band, the less help you’ll get doing your pull ups. So if you want more assistance, get a thicker band; less help, get a smaller one.

Then just loop them around a pull up bar and you’ll be good to go!

6. Kettlebell – $26 – $106

Talk about the heaviest gift ever—whoever you give this to will wonder what the heck could possibly be in that gift bag! But don’t worry, they’ll soon get over their shock when they’re happily playing with their new toy.

But really, guys, kettlebells make an awesome gift—they’re incredibly versatile and you will never, ever have to replace them. Plus, when you get them from Amazon there’s free shipping!

7. Dip bar – $87.99


This is probably one of those gifts you should probably save for your significant other (or someone who you know has a bit of extra space), but I can’t tell you how much I love having a dip bar at home and how much whoever you buy it for will love it too.

Just think of the possibilities of this one… triceps dips (ok, obviously), bodyweight rows, leg raises, and all kinds of other fun exercises. Plus, these dip bars by Ultimate Body Press can be easily taken apart if you need to store it in a closet when you’re not using it.

8. Boxing gloves – $25.99 – $29.99


If you know someone really liking the boxing-focused workouts appearing more and more on the site, boxing gloves are a perfect gift! They’ll be especially appreciated if they tend to use a punching bag in a gym and want to avoid the public (often smelly) boxing gloves there.

Don’t forget to add some wraps as well for wrist protection. And check out why I love boxing so much if you still haven’t tried it!

9. The Protein Pow cookbook – $11.99


If you’ve never heard of it before, Protein Pow is an awesome site with tons of yummy protein powder-based recipes and incredibly adorable and fun drawings. This is her first cookbook, and it’s a must buy!

Full of tons of high protein, gluten-free, creative and easy recipes, this book will definitely help satisfy your sweet tooth over the holidays. If you know anyone who loves to bake but also likes to eat healthier, I highly recommend it.

10. A foam roller – $$8.49 – $29.99


There’s pretty much no better gift in the world for a fitness lover than a good foam roller.

Foam rolling can help iron out those aches and pains from all your tough workouts, as well as help prevent nagging injuries. Heck, I swear mine even keeps me from having to go to the chiropractor every other day and keeps my back healthier in general.

No idea how to foam roll? Read this to learn how to foam roll like a pro.

11. Nike Free 1.0 Cross Bionic shoes – $95


I get a lot of comments of people wanting to know what my shoes are whenever I post an Instagram photo or YouTube video. Well, here they are: the Nike Free 1.0 Cross Bionic shoes.

I fell in love with these shoes when Nike first introduced them a year or so ago and they’re absolutely my favorite shoes to train in these days. They’re light, minimal, but with a tiny amount of support that’s perfect for jumping all over the place and doing handstands.

Plus, they come in lots of fun colors, which, if you’re anything like me, will make you much more excited to work out every time you put them on.

For guys, there’s a similar shoe called the Nike Free Trainer 5.0—I haven’t tried them personally but am guessing they’re probably pretty similar to the girls’ version.

12. 12 Minute Athlete HIIT Workouts app – $2.99


Hey, shameless plug here!

If you know anyone who doesn’t already have the 12 Minute Athlete HIIT workouts app, this is a great (and super cheap) gift idea!

I mean with nearly 200 workouts, options to choose the equipment you have on hand, an interval timer, video demonstrations, a really cool design, and more, how could you go wrong? Available on both iPhone and Android.

And if you know your giftee already has the app, you could also consider a 12 Minute Athlete t-shirt or tank. Get instantly stronger and sexier when you sport one of these babies!

And happy holidays 🙂

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