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Have you always wanted to be able to do pull ups, but just thought there was no way it was ever going to happen?

Or maybe you’ve been able to do one or two pull ups for a while now—but can’t seem to get past that frustrating plateau.

Trust me, I’ve been there.

Even just a few years ago, I truly believed that I would never be able to do a single pull up.

And for most of my life, I had absolutely zero upper body strength whatsoever. I was so weak, in fact, that my older brother liked to call me “spaghetti arms” because my arms were just that weak and noodley looking.

At the time, I truly believed that my body type (and let’s face it, the fact that I’m female) actually made it impossible for me to ever even consider doing tough bodyweight exercises like pull ups. And it wasn’t until a couple of years ago, in fact, that I finally got over that mental hurdle that had convinced me I’d never be able to do pull ups and actually started working at them.

Let me tell you, that first pull up was pretty damn awesome.

And that’s why I decided to create Pull Up Mastery—to help athletes of all levels do their very first (or their 10th!) pull up.

Because if you work hard and follow the program, youwill start rocking at pull ups.

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Build Strength and Confidence

No matter what your current level, Pull Up Mastery by 12 Minute Athlete will give you:

_Real strength and increased athleticism

_Confidence that you can do anything you put your mind to

_Clear instructions and routines to ensure you make progress, no matter where you’re at in your fitness journey

What You’ll Get:
The Full Pull Up Program

When you purchase Pull Up Mastery for just $19.99, you’ll be getting much more than just the ebook:

  • Instructional videos: Short, easy-to-follow video instructions for every progression (available to stream or download)
  • Workout programs: An entire 10-week program to follow step-by-step to get you doing pull ups in no time
  • Beginner and intermediate options: Choose the program right for your specific level of experience
  • Getting Started Guide: A step-by-step guide to help you know exactly what steps to take to get started
  • Flexibility & Mobility Guide: Keep your muscles healthy and strong with targeted stretching and mobility exercises
  • Easy-to-print programming: Printable Pull Up Program so you’ll have easy access to whichever program you choose
  • Support as needed: Email support and check-ins along your journey

Plus you’ll get the The full, beautifully designed Mastering the Pull Up: Release Your Inner Badass and Conquer the Ultimate Bodyweight Exercise ebook!


What You’ll Get:
The Ebook

When you purchase Mastering the Pull Up: Release Your Inner Badass and Conquer the Ultimate Bodyweight Exercise for just $4.99, you’ll be getting a helpful resources you can turn to for years to come:

  • Full color, beautifully designed ebook compatible on all Kindle, iPad, iPhones and other e-reader devices
  • Detailed descriptions and photo demonstrations of every exercise progression
  • Tips on how to stay motivated throughout your pull up journey
  • 10 weeks of programming designed to get you doing pull ups no matter what your current fitness level

The ebook is also available on Amazon.


Why You’ll Love Pull Up Mastery

Build functional strength

There’s no better exercise than pull ups to build a strong, functional upper body. Whether your goal is to start learning advanced calisthenics, compete in a Tough Muddler race, or just to build an athletic body pull ups are the very best exercise to help you do that.

pull ups

pull ups_red

You’ll work your core

Want a six pack but hate spending countless hours training your abs? Pull ups not only work your upper body, they’ll help to strengthen—and tone—your core. Don’t be surprised if your abs are more sore after your pull up training than they are after endless sit ups.

You’ll feel like a total badass

No matter whether you’re a guy or a girl, there’s nothing more impressive than busting out pull ups whether you’re at a gym, an outdoor fitness park or even a party. Your pull up skills will never fail to help you feel like a total badass.

pull ups_black

Some Frequent Questions About Pull Up Mastery

What are the requirements of this program? Do I need to already be able to do pull ups to join?

No! You don’t need to ever have ever done a pull up in your life to do this program. Sure, you’ll be busting out pull ups faster if you have some upper body strength already, but if you work hard and you’re determined, you can do pull ups—no matter what your current fitness level is.

What if I can already do a pull up, can this program still help me?

Definitely. If you can already do one (or a few) pull ups, yet are having trouble progressing even further, this program will give you the tools and progressions you need to start busting out even more pull ups.

What equipment do I need to do the program?

You’ll definitely need a pull up bar, whether you have one in your home, at your gym or at an outdoor fitness park. Ideally you’ll also have access to a dip bar low bar of some sort, but if not, don’t worry—we’ll help you figure out a creative alternative.

How often do I have to work out?

For both the included beginner and intermediate programs, we recommend you train two to three times a week, along with your other workouts. Any less than that and you won’t progress very quickly—too much more than three or four times a week and you won’t give your muscles the rest they need to recover and grow stronger.

Can women join Pull Up Mastery?

YES! I highly encourage women of all strength levels to join this program. Not only will being able to do pull ups make you feel strong and confident, it will also impress the guys (this should not be your main motivator, but it is kinda fun). Keep in mind though that if you’re starting out with a low level of upper body strength, your progress will be slower—but work hard and stay consistent and you will get there.

Can I do additional training on top of this program?

Yes, definitely! Pull Up Mastery is meant to be combined with an active lifestyle and is perfect alongside your other HIIT training or sports you enjoy. If you’re looking for an additional full body training program to go alongside Pull Up Mastery, check out our 90-day Fitter Faster Stronger HIIT training program.

60-Day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Though we believe that the Pull Up Mastery program and Mastering the Pull Up: Release Your Inner Badass and Conquer the Ultimate Bodyweight Exercise ebook has something to offer nearly everyone, we hope you’re as happy with it as we are. However, if you give it a try and decide it’s not for you, get in touch within 60 days of purchase and we’ll gladly issue a full refund, no questions asked.

You have nothing to lose, and all the strength, confidence and badassness to gain!