Push your personal limits, build new skills, and take
your fitness to the next level with our 12 Minute Athlete
workout programs.

Are you looking to take your training to the next level?

If you want to build strength, boost your conditioning, and increase your athletic potential, you’re in the right place.

Bodyweight Strength + Power was designed by 12 Minute Athlete and Rubberbanditz as a no BS training regimen that builds functional strength and improves training performance with the use of minimal equipment. We approached this program to deliver sustainable results to those who are serious about making strides in their fitness journey. Take it to your living room, hotel room, or park, and access 36 full body workouts over three months of training.

Whether you’re male or female, intermediate or advanced, Bodyweight Strength + Power will challenge you and push your personal limits.

So get ready to crush some PRs and train like the athlete you are!


Build Strength + Power

If you’re ready to put in the work, Bodyweight Strength + Power will help you get stronger and more explosive than ever before. Push your own personal limits with new and challenging exercises that will take your training to the next level.

Train Like an Athlete

Bodyweight Strength + Power combines the power of plyometric exercises like burpees and box jumps with strengthening ones like l-sits and pull ups into a fully comprehensive training program to get you strong, powerful, and explosive in a short amount of time. The result is that you’ll train and feel like the athlete you are.

Don’t Depend on the Gym

We designed this program to be done at your home or local playground or fitness park, so you won’t need a gym to do the workouts. Although we do use some equipment in the program, you may have some of it at home already, and we’ll show you plenty of ways to substitute equipment-based exercises when you don’t have access to any at all.

What You’ll Get

When you purchase Bodyweight Strength + Power for a one time payment of just $49.99, you’ll get:

  • 36 full body workouts to challenge you and push your fitness level
  • 3 workouts per week for 90 days (suggested training schedule)
  • Video demonstrations and written descriptions for all exercises, including advanced, intermediate, and beginner progressions
  • Pre-workout mobility and post-workout flexibility exercises with video demonstrations and written descriptions
  • Lifetime access + email support – if you have any questions or comments or you want us to check your form, just get in touch!

Why Do We Use Resistance Bands?

We’ve partnered with Rubberbanditz to make this program as awesome as possible, and use their Rubberbanditz resistance bands to make bodyweight exercises either easier or harder.

Not sure how the same exercise band can do both?

Think about doing triceps dips on a parallel bar. If you aren’t strong enough yet to do dips, you can wrap the band around the bar, grasp each end of it with your hands and rest your knees on top of the band. That way, the band will remove some resistance from your bodyweight so that pushing yourself up gets easier.

If you can easily do triceps dips with your own bodyweight, you can also make them harder by using a band. Just place the middle of the band around your neck and grasp each end of the band in hand to add resistance to your dips as you ascend.

Not all of the exercises in this program are performed with a band, but we highly recommend you get one or two to get the most out of the program.

Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment do you need to do this program?

  • One or more resistance bands, depending on your fitness level
  • Access to a pull up bar
  • Access to parallel bars or a dip bar
  • A jump rope

If you don’t have access to this equipment 100% of the time, don’t worry—we offer plenty of substitution ideas for those times when you don’t have any equipment at all.

Is one band enough or do I need more?

Ideally you’ll have at least two or three bands to be able to swap them out for different exercises and double up when necessary. We recommend experimenting and having a couple of different bands to try for different exercises in your workout. That way you can always double up if you need more resistance.


What if the program is too hard for me?

The program is not meant for complete beginners. You should have at least some experience with bodyweight training, but you don’t have to have experience with bands—we have all the instructions for you!

In many exercises, you can choose whether you want to do the advanced, intermediate, or beginner version of it (some exercises have just one version that is suitable for all levels). Choose the one that is best for your level—the one that you’re able to do but is still challenging!

Do I only get the access to one particular level only—advanced, intermediate or beginner?

No! By enrolling, you’ll have access to all levels. You can do the intermediate version of one exercise and beginner of another and so on. Better yet, you can repeat the program later at a higher level to keep challenging yourself.

Can I still do yoga/endurance training/sport-specific training along with this program?

Yes! This program will help you build up strength and endurance and can be done alongside your handstand training, pistols, muscle ups, planche training, rock climbing, yoga, surfing, or whatever sports or activities make you happy.

Just make sure to take at least one or two days off a week to allow your body some much needed rest, and if you’re feeling extra exhausted take a week to deload.