5-Day Summer Jump Rope Challenge: Day 4

Day 4 of the 12 Minute Athlete 5-Day Summer Jump Rope Challenge is here!

We hope you’re enjoying the challenge and are excited to learn the next jump rope skill!

During this challenge, we’ll be learning a new jump rope style each day. Then we’ll give you guys a HIIT workout that will include your brand new skill.

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By taking this challenge, you’ll have the chance to win a Crossrope Plus Set. You can find all the details about why we love these jump ropes in our challenge announcement post.

You can also get 10% off of all Crossrope gear from now until August 5th with code 12MINCROSS!

Today we’re going to be focusing on criss-cross hands jumps. This is a more advanced technique which requires timing and co-ordination between your hands and feet, so you might need to practice this one for a bit before getting the hang of it. Here’s everything you need to know about them:

Criss-Cross Hands With a Jump Rope

Here’s how to do criss-cross hands with a jump rope:

  • Stand with your feet slightly apart while holding a jump rope behind you
  • Before each jump, bring your left hand to your right side and your right hand to your left side so that your arms are crossed
  • After you’ve made the first jump, resume your normal hands positioning to prepare for the next jump.

Practice these first, then go ahead and do today’s workout.

Today’s Jump Rope Workout

Practice your criss-cross hand jumps and get the hang of them, then give the following workout a try.

Workout instructions: Set an interval timer for 18 rounds of :10 and :30 intervals. Rest on the :10 ones, then work as hard as you can on the :30 ones. Rotate through all six exercises three times.

1. Criss-cross hands w/ jump rope
2. Burpees
3. Criss-cross feet jumps w/ jump Rope
4. Side to side push up hops
5. Side to side jumps w/ jump rope
6. V ups

You’ve got this! Remember to share pictures and videos of your workouts on Instagram or our Facebook group!

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