New! The Bodyweight Strength + Power 90-Day Program

We’re super excited to announce that our newest 90-Day program, Bodyweight Strength + Power, is now available!

Get ready to push your fitness to a whole new level and challenge yourself like never before. Are you ready to get out of your comfort zone?

What Is Bodyweight Strength + Power?

We partnered with Rubberbanditz to create this 90=day training program designed for both male and female intermediate and advanced level athletes. It consists of 36 workouts that you’re going to do over the course of 12 weeks for a suggested schedule of three times each week.

Bodyweight Strength + Power helps you to build strength and explosiveness by using your own bodyweight, resistance bands, and minimal equipment. The program is designed for those who already have experience working out (if you’re a beginner, our Fitter Faster Stronger program is for you!).

Why We’re Using Resistance Bands

We love resistance bands because they’re a fun and efficient way to make your workouts either easier or harder, depending you your fitness level and needs, while still building strength. In this workout program, we use Rubberbanditz resistance bands. Not only are these are, by far, the best resistance bands we’ve ever used, we love the company and believe 100% in their mission.

Here’s how resistance bands can work for you, whether you need to make an exercise easier or harder:

As an example, if you can’t do full triceps dips yet, you can use the bands for assistance so that they do part of the work for you. And if you’re already super good at dips, using the bands in a different way will make them harder.

Either way, you’ll gain strength, it just depends where you’re at! Bands really work both ways and in this program, we’ll teach you exactly how to use them.

In addition to getting stronger, bands will also help you develop muscle memory in movements that you may not be able to do yet. For example, if you want to get your first muscle up, working with bands will help you develop muscle memory. With lots of reps and consistent training, your body will absorb the movements so one day you’ll be able to do muscle ups without assistance.

Work Out in Variety of Places

To do this program, you’ll ideally have access to a dip bar or parallel bars, a pull up bar, a jump rope, and one or two resistance bands.

This program is pefect if you like working out outside at a nearby park! That’s our favorite place to work out, but you can also do the workouts in the gym, or of you have the few necessary pieces of equipment at home, you can even do them at home.

And for those times that you don’t have access to the equipment, we’ll of course give you some substitutions so you’ll still get a good workout.

Build Strength + Power

If you put in the work and stick with it, you’ll gain strength, build power and explosiveness, and train like the athlete you are over the course of the program.

Whether you’re starting from an intermediate or a more advanced level, Bodyweight Strength + Power will help you get closer to being able to do things that you may have thought are impossible for you (pistol squats, muscle ups and more), or increase your strength so you can do even more of them.

If you’re an athlete, this program is also great for building power and explosiveness that you need in so many activities and sports.

Save Time

Our goal here at 12 Minute Athlete is to always make sure that your training gives you amazing results without stealing too much of your time. This program is no different—you’ll get strong and build conditioning while working out three days a week for only about 15-30 minutes each time.

Use Just Your Bodyweight

Sometimes people assume that bodyweight training can’t make you much stronger… this program proves the opposite! You’ll be surprised to see how challenging bodyweight workouts can be, especially when you add resistance band work in the mix. We promise, bodyweight training is much more than just basic air squats and sit ups (which are great as well, but you can do more!)

What You’ll Get in Bodyweight Strength + Power:

When you purchase Bodyweight Strength + Power for just $49.99, you’ll get:

  • 36 full body workouts to challenge you and push your fitness level
  • 3 workouts per week for 90 days (suggested schedule)
  • Video demonstrations and written descriptions for all exercises, including advanced, intermediate, and beginner progressions
  • Pre-workout mobility and post-workout flexibility exercises with video demonstrations and written descriptions
  • Lifetime access + email support – we’re always here if you have any questions or comments or you want us to check your form!

Use code BANDS at checkout to get 20% off the program for the next week! The discount will end on the 19th, so make sure to take advantage of it now!

Get Strong and Powerful Today

We’re sure you’re going to be surprised how fun, creative and challenging training with resistance bands really is! We hope you give it a try and if you follow the program, you will build some strength, power and new skills. For more information about the program, click here.

Get Bodyweight Strength + Power!

You can also get this program right in the app (iPhone only).

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