New Year’s 5-Day HIIT Challenge to Help You CRUSH 2016

new years 5-day hiit challenge

Happy new year, athletes!

I hope you all have a lot of big plans to absolutely CRUSH 2016. Dream big!

I thought it would be fun to start this year out with a bang and get you guys being consistent with your workouts early on with a 5-day workout challenge.

All you’ll need for this challenge is a jump rope and a medicine ball (or a pair of dumbbells). And if you don’t have a medicine ball, don’t worry—you can still do the challenge by substituting a backpack full of heavy stuff or do all of the exercises using just your own bodyweight.

The challenge starts today, January 4th, and goes through Friday, January 8th, so get ready to work hard!

New Year’s 5-Day HIIT Challenge Rules

Ok, here’s how this challenge is going to go:

Every day this week there will be a new workout posted here on the site, and if you’re a Super Athlete member you can get them straight in the app. Try to do as many of the workouts as possible—and make sure to push yourself as hard as you can.

I’ll be following along with your progress and liking your photos and videos throughout the week, so make sure and post your best photos and videos on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook and tag them #12MAHIIT and @12minuteathlete so we can all follow along with your progress.

And of course, to give you a little more motivation to do the challenge, I’ll be giving away my very favorite Go-Fit jump ropes to three super hard workers.

Here are the prize categories:

Hardest worker. Show off how hard you work by taking a photo or video of yourself crushing your workout. You’ve got this!
Most creative location. Do your workouts in the most unlikely location you can think of. Get creative!
Buddy workout. Do your workout with a buddy and make sure to push each other really, really hard.

Important: Make sure you tag #12MAHIIT and @12minuteathlete so we don’t miss your photos and videos!

Ok, here is your first workout:

New Year’s HIIT Challenge Workout #1 Directions

Workout equipment:

Workout type: 12 minute

Timer setting: 18 x :10 x :30

1. Double unders OR Single unders
2. Push up plank jumps
3. Snowboarder jumps
4. Side lunges (optional: weighted)
5. High knees w/ jump rope
6. Pike jumps

Work hard!!!


Leave your rep in the comments below.

My reps for today’s workout:

Double unders (54, 52, 51)
Push up plank jumps (13, 12, 11)
Snowboarder jumps (23, 22, 22)
Side lunges (optional: weighted) (27, 26, 27)
High knees w/ jump rope (97, 96, 96)
Pike jumps (35, 36, 36)

Did you do this workout?

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12 thoughts on “New Year’s 5-Day HIIT Challenge to Help You CRUSH 2016”

  1. Jan 4th
    Awesome workout!
    Here are my #s for today:
    DUs: 29, 34, 30
    PUPJs: 9, 9, 9
    SBJs: 28, 27, 26
    SLs: 21, 21 ,22
    HKw/JR: 73, 78, 84
    PJs: 24, 29, 40


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