Sandbags are wesome for core strength, power and stability!

And while it’s perfectly acceptable to make your own sandbag out of a burlap bag, sand and string, it can get pretty messy at times, and even fall apart when you’re swinging it around. To avoid this, I use the Ultimate Sandbag bags, which have individual filler bags inside of a sturdy duffle-type bag—so they won’t break on you. I’ve never had mine leak once!

There are several different sandbag options, but I recommend most women start with the core package (19Lx9W, 20 – 35 lbs) or strength package (27Lx10W, holds 25 – 80 lbs). Men should get the strength package or the burly package (80 – 160 lbs). Prices range from $74.95-$139.95 depending on size.

View workouts that use sandbags here.


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