Sweaty Workout Photo Contest Results


First off, thanks to everyone who participated in the 12 Minute Athlete sweaty workout photo contest.

I got so many great responses from you guys, and it was way too much fun going through all the photos you sent. Seriously, you guys are awesome and obviously listen to me when I tell you to work hard!


I plan on doing more contests and fun stuff like this in the future because I think it’s a really cool way for you guys to get motivated as well as connect with some of the other athletes who read the site.

My only regret of this contest is that I had to pick one winner… trust me, it wasn’t easy. I tried to be as unbiased as possible, basing the results purely on how sweaty and exhausted the contestant looked post-workout vs. pre-workout.

With that said, I’m extremely happy to announce that the winner of the 12 Minute Athlete photo contest and t-shirt giveaway is…

Brian Compton!


Congrats Brian! By the looks of how sweaty and slumped over you are in your post workout photo, you obviously kicked some serious ass in your workout. Keep up the awesome work and keep sweating!

Now for some really awesome honorable mentions:

Liz Whit-Lee:


What a difference pre vs. post workout! LOVE the sweat Liz. Way to work hard.

Ashley Shelton:


I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more adorable but still exhausted looking post-workout face. Awesome job, Ashley.

Allison Higgins:


Nice work Allison! You look like you really pushed yourself! Yeah!!!

Thanks again everyone who participated! Now go do some burpees. Or pull ups. Or something.

Whatever you do, KICK SOME ASS.

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