12 Minute Athlete Photo Contest and T-Shirt Giveaway


You know how you start out your workout looking great (or, at least, presentable), and by the end of the workout you’re a red faced, sweaty mess?

Well, that’s exactly what you want to happen. Because you know what the saying is, right? If you still look good at the end of your workouts, you’re definitely not working hard enough.

And I think it’s finally time we celebrate this pre/post-workout transformation.

That’s why I’m announcing the first 12 Minute Athlete photo contest of your most epic before and after workout picture.

Here’s the deal:

1. Take a picture of yourself before working out. You’ll (probably) be sweat-free at this point.

2. Do your workout, crush it, and beat all your previous reps/times/number of rounds. Or, at least, try your hardest. Seriously. No holding back.

3. Take another photo of yourself immediately. You can catch your breath if you want, but don’t wait too long to recover. The goal here is to be as exhausted looking as possible.

4. Email your pre and post workout photos to me. Send them to [email protected] with ‘Photo contest’ as the subject line (to make sure I don’t miss them). Make sure to get the photos to me by Tuesday, September 17th to make sure you get to take part in the contest. That gives you two whole weeks! No procrastinating.

5. I’ll pick my favorite entry and post the results by September 24th. The winner will get a free t-shirt or tank top (whichever he or she chooses) as a prize!

Sound good? Good!

Now go work hard, get sweaty, and kick some major workout ass!

– Krista

PS. Don’t forget to send in your entries by the 17th! And good luck!

PPS. That post workout photo above was taken immediately after my workout. The only reason I’m not even more drenched in sweat is that it was breezy outside which helped me cool off. Don’t worry, I’ll take another one too.

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