220 Rep Stronger Time Challenge Workout

We’ve got another awesome workout for you guys today using one of our very favorite pieces of workout equipment: parallel bars.

Not sure where to find any parallel bars?

A lot of outdoor fitness parks have them, so if you have a fitness park near you, we highly recommend trying this workout outside. Of course, you can also do this workout in a gym, or if you’re at home use your own dip bars.

And if you don’t have any of those options, you can always get creative and use the corner of a countertop or two sturdy chairs as a substitute.

Get ready to work hard!

Watch the short video above for exercise demonstrations and read on below for the full workout instructions:

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12-Minute Dynamic Conditioning HIIT Workout (+ Video)

You guys probably know that jump ropes are one of my favorite pieces of workout equipment ever since they’re super affordable and easy to bring with you to the park, on vacation, or wherever you are.

Today’s workout is super dynamic and will get your heart pumping and every muscle in your body working hard. Here’s what you’re going to do for this workout:

You’ll need to set an interval timer for 18 rounds of :10 and :30 intervals. Rest on the :10 ones and make sure to work as hard as you possibly can on the :30 ones. Here are the exercises you’ll be going through:

1. Jump Lunge Burpees
2. Reptile push ups
3. Double unders OR Single unders
4. Snowboarder jumps
5. High knees w/ jump rope
6. V up tuck combo

Make sure to work really, really hard during this workout you guys. The only way short HIIT workouts like this one work is if you put in the hard work. And don’t forget to fuel up afterwards!

Workout equipment:

Workout type: 12 minute

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