Strong For Summer 5 Day Workout Challenge [Workout #2]

This week we’re getting strong for Summer with the strong for Summer 5 day workout challenge. Today is workout #2!

You can read all about the Strong for Summer 5 Day Challenge here.

Today we’re focusing on jump roping, because it’s a fantastic way to get your heart rate up, burn calories, and increase your coordination in a short amount of time.

Watch the short video or read the instructions below to get started and do the workout of the day:

Today’s Focus: Jump Roping

We’ll start by looking at a couple of different jump roping variations:

Single unders

Hold a jump rope with both hands and make sure the rope is behind you. Jump up as you swing the jump rope under you, keeping your arms close to you and core tight as you continue to jump.

High knees with a jump rope

Stand in place holding a jump rope in both hands with the rope behind you. Drive one knee toward your chest and quickly lower to the ground while swinging the jump rope. Follow with the other knee, then continue alternating knees, working as fast as you can.

Double unders

Hold a jump rope with both hands. Jump up as you swing the jump rope under you twice in a row, flicking your wrist quickly to swing the rope around. Try and keep your legs straight and your arms close to you as you jump.

Double unders take a lot of practice to get the timing right, so if you can’t do them yet, don’t get discouraged—just keep trying! You’ll get there.

Today’s Workout

For today’s workout, you’ll need a jump rope—you can use either a speed rope like I am or a regular jump rope, but make sure the bottom of the handles hit at about chest level.

Set an interval timer to 18 rounds of 10 and 30 second intervals. You’ll be resting on the :10 ones and going through the following exercises on the :30 ones:

1. Double unders or single unders
2. Push ups
3. High knees w/ jump rope
4. Air squats
5. High knees w/ jump rope
6. Plank get ups

Work hard!

Remember, for a chance to win some really cool #noexcuses wristbands and enter in the Strong for Summer workout challenge raffle, take a photo or video of yourself during or after today’s workout and tag #summerstrong on Twitter or Instagram.

And make sure to subscribe to the 12 Minute Athlete YouTube channel to get all the videos for the challenge.

Summer strong!

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