Learning to Be Flexible With Your Goals (+ a Cat-Friendly Workout)

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If we’ve learned anything from the last few years, it’s that things don’t always go according to plan. And, unsurprisingly, this same lesson applies to our fitness journeys.

Plans and goals are incredibly useful tools — they help us focus our attention and give us priorities to organize our lives around. Making a plan to move your body for at least thirty minutes a day is a great plan because it helps you get into the habit of daily movement.

But being flexible with your plan and staying focused on the big picture — even when things come up, or life happens — is just as important.

The first time your plan falls short of your expectations, you might feel like you’ve failed. Maybe your goal was to work out every weekday last week and take long walks on the weekend, but the time change affected you more than you thought, and you slept really lousy, so you missed a few of your workout days.

Rather than declare that your plan failed, think about the bigger picture — the long-term.

Because while short-term goals are helpful, most of us are really in this to be healthy for life. And building a long-term healthy lifestyle doesn’t require that you follow a plan perfectly 100% of the time.

Instead, it requires a commitment to the journey itself — a recognition that consistency matters most of all, and that learning to adapt to whatever comes up along the way is one of the most important skills to build.


The Innovators: How a Group of Hackers, Geniuses, and Geeks Created the Digital Revolution by Walter Isaacson

We can learn a lot from others’ lives. I’ve been trying to make it a habit to always be reading a biography, or, in this case, a history of a group of people that created the internet, computers, and digital life.


Ryan Holiday on mastery

There’s something inherently rewarding about mastering something.


“Soon is not as good as now.” — Seth Godin

What I’m training

I got my cat to work out with me. I swear he was purring the entire time, despite the look on his face.

Three new workouts

Apartment-Friendly Kettlebell HIIT Workout (12-minute, kettlebell)

Outdoor Sprint + Bodyweight Challenge Workout (Time challenge, equipment-free)

12 Minute Medicine Ball AMRAP Workout (12-minute AMRAP, medicine ball)

You can get these and all future workouts right in the 12 Minute Athlete app when you subscribe as a Super Athlete.

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Dream bigger!

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