7 HIIT Workouts Perfect for the Holidays (Equipment-Free!)


One of the biggest excuses people have for not working out over the holidays is that they just don’t have the time.

That’s why I’ve put together this resource list of seven quick but really effective workouts you can do over the next month when you’re totally stressed out and strapped for time.

Each of these workouts can be done using just your own bodyweight, so you can do them at home (or wherever you are for the holidays) without having to take the extra time to trek to a gym.

The workouts themselves range from four minutes long to 16 minutes—so no matter how much time you have, you can still fit one in.

No excuses!

Here are your holiday HIIT workouts:

#1: Fat Burning Equipment-Free HIIT Workout


Just because this workout doesn’t use any equipment doesn’t mean it’s not a killer.

Full of exercises like burpee tuck jumps, handstand push ups, side lunges, and more, this is a good workout to do over the holidays to burn some mega calories and get sweaty in no time.

Workout length: 12 minutes
Workout type: Interval

Check out the Fat Burning Equipment-Free HIIT Workout.

#2: Killer No Equipment Leg Workout

Last time I did this workout, my legs were burning for days!

It’s a great one full of relatively simple yet challenging exercises you can do pretty much anywhere (yep, including a small 2nd floor apartment).

Workout length: ?
Workout type: Time challenge

Do the Killer No Equipment Leg Workout!

#3: 4-Minute Busy Day Tabata Workout

Sometimes, you really don’t have more than 4 minutes to spare.

When that happens, this is an awesome go-to workout—it’ll seriously get your lungs working and your muscles screaming for a break even though it’s so short.

Don’t believe me? Try it!

Workout length: 4 minutes
Workout type: Tabata

Get fit in 4 minutes with the 4-Minute Busy Day Tabata Workout.

#4: Zero Equipment Leg and Conditioning Workout

Think you need weights to get a good leg workout?

Just try this leg and conditioning workout and tell me you don’t feel the burn. Full of lunges, air squats, and burpee tuck jumps galore, this one is a good one to come back to time and time again.

Workout length: 12 minute
Workout type: Interval

Check out the Zero Equipment Leg and Conditioning Workout.

#5: No Equipment Silent HIIT Workout

If you’re one of the people constantly asking me for jump-free workouts so you won’t wake up your neighbors every time you work out, make sure to give this workout a shot.

There’s not a single jumping exercise in it so you can keep quiet—but that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

Workout length: 12 minute
Workout type: Interval

Get after the No Equipment Silent HIIT Workout!

#6: Awesome Athlete 16 Minute HIIT Workout

tuck jumps_white
Bring out your inner athlete with this 16-minute workout, sure to remind you of the days of high school sports or P.E. in elementary school.

Work hard or go home!

Workout length: 16 minute
Workout type: Interval

Crush the Awesome Athlete 16 Minute HIIT Workout.

#7: No Equipment Conditioning HIIT Workout

Don’t tell me you still think running is the only way to boost your conditioning levels, lose fat, or get in shape—it’s not!

(And that’s a good thing since I hate to run)

This workout will boost your conditioning and get you ready for whatever sport you do on the side—or, of course, just life.

Workout length: 12 minute
Workout type: Interval

Do the No Equipment Conditioning HIIT Workout.


And happy holidays 🙂

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