Cashew Cherry Crunch Energy Bars

Cashew Cherry Crunch Energy Bars

In my mind one of the most decadent combinations ever is the mixture of cashews, dried cherries, and chocolate.

And that’s exactly what these energy bars are made of. Not only will they satisfy your sweet tooth, but the combination of healthy fats, protein, and lasting carbs will keep you full until your next meal.

Here’s your cashew cherry crunch energy bar recipe:

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Chocolate Drizzled Pistachio Protein Bars

Chocolate Drizzled Pistachio Protein Bars

Want to know what a really good combination is?

Pistachios and chocolate!

I know, big surprise. Like chocolate isn’t good with just about everything.

Yet these chocolate drizzled pistachio protein bars are slightly salty, slightly sweet, and 100% delicious. They have a good enough amount of both protein and healthy fats to both fill you up and satisfy your sweet tooth, always a bonus in my book.

Here’s your Chocolate Drizzled Pistachio Protein bar recipe:

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Amazing Apple Cranberry Energy Bar Recipe


Get energized with this energy bar recipe packed with chunks of apples and dried cranberries!

It’s super easy to make and you can make it ahead of time for a quick, satisfying snack. It’s a great sweet tooth satisfier as well, and I’ve happily eaten it for dessert many times 🙂

Here’s your Amazing Apple Cranberry Energy Bar Recipe:

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Crispy Chocolate Cherry Energy Bar Recipe

Crispy Chocolate Cherry Protein Bars

Confession: I have zero interest in “regular” cooking.

True, I do cook at home a lot, but my meals are fairly simple: salads loaded with veggies, some sort of protein source, and quinoa; stir fries with brown rice, baked veggies with sweet potatoes, etc.

But I really love making anything sweet or snack-y. I find it relaxing, and it helps me curb my sweet tooth since let’s face it, if I didn’t make healthier versions of desserts and snack foods I’d still chow down on the unhealthy versions.

These homemade energy bars are made with unsweetened dried cherries (they help with recovery!), chocolate crisp rice cereal (I got mine at Whole Foods—if you can’t find chocolate, regular crisp rice cereal will work), oats, and other healthy ingredients to keep you energized when you need it most. And as a bonus, they taste like dessert 🙂

Here’s your Crispy Chocolate Cherry Energy Bar Recipe:

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Chocolate Drizzled Coconut Protein Bar Recipe

There’s nothing that goes quite so well together as chocolate and coconut.

The combination of the two ingredients tastes especially decadent, even though both ingredients are actually really good for you (well, unless they’re accompanied by mounds of sugar).

These homemade protein bars are just as satisfying as a candy bar, yet are packed with healthy fats and protein to fuel your muscles and actually keep you full. They’re great as an easy snack or even as a dessert any time of the day.

Here’s the chocolate drizzled coconut protein bar recipe:

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Double Chocolate Coconut Energy Bar Recipe

Sometimes you just need a quick, super delicious homemade snack that you can make quickly with very few ingredients.

These double chocolate coconut energy bars are perfect for times like those—they not only taste amazing, they also pack plenty of healthy ingredients to keep you feeling full and energized for hours.

Make this recipe your go-to when you need something that is both tasty and healthy and doesn’t take much effort to make!

Here’s the double chocolate coconut energy bar recipe:

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6 Ingredient Oatmeal Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Protein Bars

This homemade protein bar recipe is so easy to make, it’s nearly impossible to screw it up.

Plus, since you probably already have all of the ingredients on hand, you can whip it up and have delicious, healthy protein bars around in no time!

Here’s the 6 Ingredient Oatmeal Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Protein Bar recipe:

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Crispy Peanut Butter Protein Bar Recipe (Chocolate-Dipped!)

I don’t know about you guys, I’m pretty sure I could eat peanut butter every single day and never get tired of it.

It’s just one of those foods that every time I eat it I’m blown away at how good it is (sorry, Paleo people. Almond butter is good too! Though not as good as peanut butter.).

And that’s how these crispy peanut butter protein bars came into existence. I was really just looking for another excuse to eat peanut butter, but the bars turned out awesome—reminiscent of store bought protein bars, but without all the added crap.

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Pumpkin Spice Protein Bar Recipe

Happy (almost) Halloween!

These pumpkin protein bars are the perfect treat for if you’re trying to avoid eating mounds of Halloween candy this weekend—or, they’ll also work as a snack while you’re running around trick-or-treating 🙂

The honey in them will give you an instant burst of energy, while the good carbs and protein will help keep you full and satisfied. Plus, pumpkins are filled with all kinds of good stuff, including loads of Vitamin A (promotes healthy vision and immune health), Vitamin C (cardiovascular and immune health), Vitamin E (healthy skin), and fiber (helps fill you up, among other things), so even though they taste pretty decadent, they’re actually really good for you.

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Chocolately Coconut Almond Protein Bar Recipe

coconut almond protein-bars recipe

Have you guys ever tried Luna bars?

They’re protein bars that claim to be specifically designed for women, which is annoying and deceptive. On the other hand, they’re really pretty delicious and they have tons of really creative flavors.

One of those flavors involves a lot of chocolate and coconut, and those were the inspiration for these homemade chocolately coconut almond protein bars. They taste like dessert, but they actually contain tons of good-for-you ingredients like coconut, almonds and whey protein!

And if you don’t have the crisp rice cereal (or just don’t want to use it), you can just substitute it with a little extra oats.

Here’s the recipe:

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