7 Boxing Workouts to Burn Fat and Get Fit


I’ve mentioned before how much I love boxing and try to include boxing and kickboxing-related exercises in my workouts at least once or twice a week.

Not only is it a great calorie torcher, it’s one of the best stress relievers ever and will leave you sweaty and exhausted in a short amount of time (my favorite type of workout).

If you usually skip any boxing workouts on the site or in the app because you don’t have a punching bag, don’t! Even if you don’t have your own punching bag at home or access to one at the gym, boxing can still help you burn fat and get fit.

No Punching Bag? No Problem

Even though I usually use a punching bag for my boxing workouts, having one is not absolutely necessary.

If you don’t have one for a workout that calls for boxing or kickboxing exercises, don’t just skip the workout! You can still get a good workout by using one of the following options:

  • Shadow boxing will tire you out exactly the same way punching the bag does. Even professionals practice shadow boxing on a regular basis, so no need to feel super weird!
  • Hang a pillow/sandbag on a doorframe/wall that you can punch. I’ve done it and it works just fine.
  • Get a boxing buddy and take turns holding pads for each other. This one comes with added bonus, because both the boxer and the person holding the pads have to work hard.
  • If you don’t have a hanging bag and you can’t make any of the other options work, put a pillow/sandbag on the floor. It’s harder than it looks, and you’re guaranteed to get a good workout.

7 Boxing Workouts to Get You Fit in No Time

Here are your workouts, categorized by equipment:

Out of Breath Kickboxing Workout
Kickboxing Super Power Workout
Punch Harder 12-Minute HIIT Workout
Superstar Kickboxing Conditioning Workout

Jump Rope:
Fat Burning Kickboxing HIIT Workout
Boxing-Inspired Fight Ready Challenge Workout (+ full video!)

Plyo box and a medicine ball (or basketball, soccer ball etc):
Badass Boxing Conditioning HIIT Workout

Work hard!!!

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