11 HIIT Workouts Perfect For Your Summer Vacation (No Excuses!)


There’s no question about it: once summer rolls around, it’s all too easy to get lazy and start skipping your workouts.

When you’re out of your normal routine and have to choose between a cold beer by the pool, or a workout and then a beer by the pool, a lot of people will just go straight to the pool and miss their workout altogether—which can then lead to bad workout habits later on.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! You can work out on vacation, even if you have very little space or equipment.

One of the best things you can do when you’re traveling is to bring a jump rope with you wherever you go—not only is it an awesome tool to add complexity to your workouts, it also takes up very little space and can be shoved in even the tiniest suitcase, no problem.

And if you don’t have a jump rope, it’s not a big deal. Here are some substitutions for the main jump rope exercises in 12 Minute Athlete workouts:

  • High knees w/ a jump rope: High knees (big surprise!)
  • Double unders: Tuck jumps, squat jumps
  • Single unders: Same as double unders

Every one of these awesome workouts can be done using either just a jump rope or zero equipment at all, so you really have no excuses not to do them.

Here are 11 HIIT workouts you can do on your summer vacation (or, whenever): 

#1: Full Body Blaster HIIT Workout

Work your entire body with this 12-minute HIIT workout, no equipment needed. You’ll only be doing four exercises in this workout, but you’ll definitely feel it afterwards!

View the Full Body Blaster HIIT Workout here.

#2: The Hotel Room HIIT Workout

Even if all you have is a hotel room, you have no excuse not to work out! This workout is totally doable in a hotel room, a small space, and, of course, outside.

Here’s the Hotel Room HIIT Workout.

#3: Gasping for Air AMRAP Challenge Workout

Who says you need equipment for a kickass workout? Do this workout in the park, on the beach, or even on a roof deck, and you’ll definitely be gasping for air.

Check out the Gasping for Air AMRAP Challenge Workout here.

#4: 12 Minute No Equipment Necessary HIIT Workout

I say it over and over, but you really don’t need equipment to get a good workout! This workout is proof of that—just remember to work hard for the best results.

View the 12 Minute No Equipment Necessary HIIT Workout here.

#5: Super Jump Rope HIIT Workout

Grab your jump rope and get sweaty—this workout will make sure of it.

Here’s the Super Jump Rope HIIT Workout.

#6: Do Anywhere AMRAP Challenge Workout

AMRAP workouts are a fun, really challenging way to work really hard and get your workout over with in just a short amount of time. This one’s great because you can do it anywhere!

Do the Do Anywhere AMRAP Challenge Workout here.

#7: Bust Your Ass HIIT Workout

With lots of jump roping, triceps push ups, squats and more, you’ll really have to bust your ass on this one. If you’re away from any workout equipment, go ahead and grab a heavy bag to use in place of the sandbag, or just do air squats in place of the sandbag squats.

View the Bust Your Ass HIIT Workout here.

#8: No-Equipment Silent HIIT Workout

Sometimes, you just can’t make a lot of noise when you’re working out. Whether you’re working out in a hotel room where someone else is sleeping (I’ve done this…), don’t want to disturb the baby or are on the second floor, this workout is equipment-free and totally silent (aside from the grunting and huffing and puffing noises you’ll probably be making).

Here’s the No-Equipment Silent HIIT Workout.

#9: Kickass Bodyweight HIIT Workout

Full of tuck jumps, handstand push ups, burpees and more, this workout will kick your ass—and requires no equipment at all.

Check out the Kickass Bodyweight HIIT Workout here.

#10: No Excuses Equipment-Free Home Workout

Get rid of your excuses with this workout! Really guys, you can do it.

View the No Excuses Equipment-Free Home Workout here.

#11: Burn Baby Burn HIIT Workout

If your legs and arms aren’t burning during this workout, you’re definitely not working hard enough.

Here’s the Burn Baby Burn HIIT Workout.

Go work hard, and don’t forget to enjoy your summer!

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5 thoughts on “11 HIIT Workouts Perfect For Your Summer Vacation (No Excuses!)”

  1. Hi! Do you think I can do (some of) these if I’m 13 years old? I just started doing normal 4-Interval Training 1:2 on the exercise bike (or what’s the name of that bike-like machine) but I won’t have that possibility on a vacation. If not exactly these, would you recommend me some other interval or hiit training? :>

    • Yep, you can definitely do these even at your age. They’re great for sports training or just staying in shape. Just make sure to take proper care of yourself and give yourself recovery days as well!

  2. I’m sorry I really don’t understand how to calculate the timings could you explain again how many reps and how Long the rest time and work time is?


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