7 Workouts to Help You Get Ready for Fun Summer Activities

One of our main goals here at 12 Minute Athlete is to encourage you guys to stay fit and healthy not just for the sake of working out, but to be in the kind of shape that allows you to enjoy your life more.

As summertime approaches, there are even more reasons to maintain a good strength and conditioning level, or improve both of them even more. We really love being out and about, riding our bikes, hiking, stand up paddle boarding, swimming, etc.—basically anything you can do outside as soon as the weather gets warmer.

And if you’re practicing your handstands, pull ups, or pistol squats, getting fit and strong now will make it even more fun to work on them as the nice weather gets more consistent!

The seven following workouts will help you to improve your strength and stamina so you can make the most of your fun summer activities and stay strong for your skill practice as well:

Seven Workouts to Help You Get Ready for Summer

Outdoor Plyo 12-Minute HIIT Workout

As the name says, this Outdoor Plyo 12-Minute HIIT Workout involves a lot of plyometric exercises. If your goal is to get your heart rate up and break a sweat quickly, give this workout a try! No equipment needed.

Fierce Boxing Conditioning HIIT Workout

This boxing-inspired workout is one of our favorites. If you don’t have access to a punching bag, you can just shadow box an imaginary bag—you’ll still get in a killer workout, trust us. You’ll need a box or a sturdy bench or chair to step on.

Full Body Apartment-Friendly Workout

Work your whole body, from arms to your legs, with this workout. We love working out outside, but when the weather is bad, this one is totally doable indoors too. You’ll need a sturdy box or a chair for it.

345 Rep Fire Challenge Workout

This challenge workout is great to do outside! If you have a fitness park or kid’s playground nearby, you’ll likely find parallel bars there. If not, you can use the corner of a countertop, bike racks, two chairs put together, etc…. get creative! You don’t need any other equipment.

Rise Up HIIT Workout

This HIIT workout is something you can easily do on vacation. We never leave for a vacation without a jump rope! Check out this double unders tutorial, but if you can’t do them just yet, simply substitute single unders for them.

Relentless Kettlebell HIIT Workout

For this HIIT workout, you’ll need both a kettlebell and a medicine ball. Work as hard as possible for maximum benefits!

Leg Day Sandbag HIIT Workout

This Sandbag HIIT workout will make your legs burn. We’ve added some upper body and core exercises in the mix to give your legs a little rest between the squats and lunges. But your legs will love it!

You can also find a ton of workouts on our Workouts page and in the official 12 Minute Athlete HIIT Workouts app. Check them out if you haven’t yet!

What are the summer activities you’re looking forward to? Let us know in the comments!

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