7 HIIT Workouts to Help You Work Off Holiday Treats


During the holiday season, there’s no doubt that it can be difficult at times to stay on track with eating well and working out consistently.

To help you stay on your healthy eating and training track, we’ve put together seven quick HIIT workouts that you can do almost anywhere.

We tend to indulge more than usual anyway during the holidays, so staying on track with our workouts is even more important than usual.

Because many of us are traveling, five of these workouts are totally equipment-free, ensuring that you have no real reason to skip your workouts!

Also, because there many of you are probably surrounded by piles of snow, the workouts we put together for you can be easily done inside. There’s no jump roping or medicine ball slamming involved.

However, they do involve some totally apartment-friendly pull ups, which you can easily do if you have a doorway pull up bar. And if you don’t have it yet, you may want to ask one for Christmas 🙂

Here are your seven HIIT workouts to help you work off holiday treats:

Bodyweight Only:

Crush It Bodyweight Only HIIT Workout – This workout has lots of plyometrics in it, making sure you get your sweat on in no time!

No Equipment Do It Anywhere HIIT Workout – This full body workout has pistol squats in it, but if you can’t do pistols just yet, you can always do progressions. Just don’t come up with excuses!

4-Exercise Bodyweight Blaster Workout – That’s right, there are just four exercises in this workout but they’re hard! Reward yourself with L-sit holds, which are an awesome bonus for your core.

Beach Getaway Time Challenge Workout – This workout takes us back to summer and beachtime… You’ll need a little bit of room for sprinting, but if you’re stuck inside, you can substitute running for 30 seconds of high knees.

Superstar Kickboxing Conditioning Workout – This Kickboxing-inspired workout helps to burn your holiday cookies off and is super fun to boot!

Pull Up Bar:

Crazy Burpee 12-Minute AMRAP Workout – This fast-paced workout involves also handstands, which we hope you got much closer to during the Handstand Challenge earlier this year. Remember, if you can’t do handstands, you can always do a progression.

Arms & Legs Burner HIIT Workout – By the end of this workout, your arms and legs will be on fire – we promise!

That’s it!

To truly challenge yourself, you can always do 100 burpees for time. We have the 100 Burpee Challenge every month, but why not to really test yourself and do it twice in the month of December!

Enjoy the holidays and work hard!

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  1. HIIT workouts are great for the body especially if one is short on time. Another good thing which I like about these workouts is that you don’t require any equipment. Thirdly these workouts burn more calories than a steady state exercises. It revs up your metabolism so you burn calories throughout the day.


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