Best of 12 Minute Athlete from 2017

It’s hard to believe it’s almost 2018!

I don’t know about you guys, but this year has absolutely FLOWN by for me. It’s been a bit crazy to say the least… but overall I’m both proud of what I’ve accomplished this year and am looking forward to a new start in 2018.

As you guys probably know, we’ve covered A LOT this year, and sometimes it’s hard to keep track! So here are some of our best articles, workouts, training tips, and recipes from 2017. We hope you enjoy this roundup, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

New Programs

We kicked the year 2017 off with a brand new Beginner Handstand program! It’s been a dream for so many of you guys to learn to do handstands, so this program has all you need to know to get started.

In summer, our calisthenics-based Bodyweight Strength + Power program came out. This 12-week program based on calisthenics and plyometrics was put together with our friends at Rubberbanditz and will get you stronger and more athletic than ever before.

Working Out

We do a lot of tutorials here on the blog, so earlier this year we posted two roundup articles of some the most common exercises we do in our workouts. If you’re not sure about your technique, check out these two posts: Basic Bodyweight Exercises and Advanced Bodyweight Exercises. Because although HIIT is all about moving through the exercises as fast as possible, technique should always come first, and speed after that.

After a tough workout, self-massage is a simple way to recover quickly. Check out how to do it here.

Do you stretch? If you want to continue getting stronger, fitter, and increase your athletic skill set, keeping your muscles open and flexible is crucial. Here are six stretches that you can do with a resistance band.

If you had a long workout break for whatever reason, it’s important to take it easy when getting back to it. We share some tips and tools on how to get back to working out safely.

A lot of people work out in order to look better… which is a fine goal, but the main reason for why we actually work out is to get stronger. Here’s why we care so much about building a strong body!


Food is fuel—you know it, right? So don’t try to cut your calories too much, as your performance may suffer. Read more on how not eating enough may hold back your progress.

Fat is good for you! Make sure to take care of your daily fat intake. Check out this quick guide to find out why fat is good for you, as well as some of the best sources of dietary fat.

Did you know that if you’re not sleeping well, eating too little can be part of the problem? Learn more about why this might be happening... and don’t skip your meals!

We’re big believers in treating food as fuel for the body. The right snack between meals can help boost your workout performance and get you closer to your health and fitness goals.

Motivation and Inspiration

For many of us, every new year starts with a new fitness related resolution. Unfortunately, not too many people follow through… In this post, you’ll find action steps that help you to set your fitness goals and actually accomplish them.

We love reading! In this post, we tell you some of our favorite books that have helped us to truly unlock our potential and we hope they help you to do the same!

Working out should never be boring. You shouldn’t dread your workouts, there’s a better way! Here’s how to bring play back to fitness.

Did you know that the success of your performance has a lot to do with your thinking? Whether you believe you can or that you can’t, you’re right… Learn how to get your mind right and crush your fitness goals.

Favorite HIIT Workouts

Here are some of our very favorite workouts from this past year:

January: Slam It 12 Minute HIIT Workout

February: Punch Jump HIIT Workout

March: 520 Rep Full Body Challenge Workout

April: Springtime Track HIIT Workout 

May: Leg Day Sandbag HIIT Workout 

June: Speed + Strength HIIT Workout

July: Super Strength Kettlebell Workout 

August: Full Body Pull Up Bar Workout

September: Jump Rope Star HIIT Workout

October: Fierce Athlete HIIT Workout

November: Stress-Busting Boxing HIIT Workout

December: Challenge Yourself December HIIT Workout

And of course, if you ever need a workout idea, you can always find a free workout on the 12 Minute Athlete Workouts page.

Favorite Recipes

You know we love food, right? Here are some of our favorite recipes from this year:

Healthy truffles: We’re pretty sure you haven’t tried using matcha powder in snacks, but you’ll be surprised how good it tastes!

Smoothies: Find three smoothie recipes that taste like dessert but are actually good for you.

Muffins: These chia blueberry muffins call for a lot of ingredients, but the end result is worth it so much. We hope you check them out.

For chocolate lovers: We love chocolate too! This recipe roundup features 7 healthy chocolate dessert recipes that anyone can make.

Happy Holidays and here’s to a super successful 2018! Thanks for being part of the 12 Minute Athlete community!

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